To Tatou Kapa

(our team)

For those of you who are Christchurch locals will know early 1900s brick Victorian & Edwardian buildings since September 2010 are as rare as a hen's tooth. So we’re rather excited to be working in one.


If you find yourself in the Christchurch CBD East Frame with some spare time on your hands, please feel very welcome to pop in and check out our new office digs. See the blend between the ‘modern’ with the quirks of a gracious lady that only 113 years of time can create.


I'll take you out for a coffee. We are literally surrounded by some of Christchurch’s best cafes and eateries.

- Peter Wynyard, Director

Level 1, 212 Madras Street, Christchurch Central
P.O Box 1014, Christchurch, 8140
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Wynyard Design Studio - Christchurch Architectural Designer of Luxury Homes, Commercial Architecture & Contemporary Interiors

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